When did you last do something to help others? Look out for an elderly neighbour, hold a door open for someone, or volunteer for a local charity?

Helping others and carrying out acts of kindness are not only good for the people on the receiving end – they’re good for us too!

It’s a fact that doing just one kind thing every week improves how we feel about ourselves and lifts our mood.

Do something for someone else today – and enjoy the feeling.

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Scarborough & District Age UK Befriending Service <p><span>Scarborough, Whitby and Rydale</span></p>
North Yorkshire Sport Volunteering <p>Malton, Selby and Scarborough</p>
North Yorkshire Connect <p><span>Malton, Selby and Scarborough</span></p>
Selby District Volunteer Centre <p>Selby</p>
Horton Housing <p>Selby</p>
North Yorkshire County Council <p>Scarborough, Malton, Selby</p>
Salvation Army <p>Selby </p>
Selby District Vision <p>Selby</p>
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Scarborough & District Age UK Befriending Service

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Scarborough and District Age UK are looking for volunteers for their befriending service to provide companionship and conversation through home visits or by phone to older people who feel lonely and isolated.

01723 379058

Scarborough, Whitby and Rydale

North Yorkshire Sport Volunteering

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Help others reach their sporting potential by volunteering your skills with North Yorkshire Sports. It's also a great opportunity to make friends, try new activities and increase your confidence.

01423 813037


Malton, Selby and Scarborough

North Yorkshire Connect

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Visit North Yorkshire Community Connect for details of local charities who are looking for volunteers

Visit www.northyorkshireconnect.org.ukfor more information

Malton, Selby and Scarborough

Selby District Volunteer Centre

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Selby District Volunteer Centre allows you to subscribe to a wide range of volunteer programmes from different organisations. It's great if you want to lend a helping hand but aren't sure what it is you want to do. 

01757 291111 



Horton Housing

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Horton Housing Selby provide opportunities around skills based volunteering. This includes giving their hostels a make-over,holding CV and interview workshops, budget management etc.  


01274 753352


North Yorkshire County Council

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North Yorkshire County Council offer many volunteer opportunities from libraries, children centres to the record office. 


Scarborough, Malton, Selby

Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity giving a helping hand to those who are homeless, friendless and in need. Volunteers can help people out with debt management, money management and budgeting skills.

The Salvation Army

The Church at the Crossroads


Y08 8BY




Selby District Vision

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Selby District Vision is a local charity committed to helping people experiencing sight loss, within the Selby District. Receiving no state funding, Selby District Vision rely heavily on the help from volunteers. 

01757 709800



Ideas & information in malton, selby and scarborough...